What the World Doesn’t Know About Extra-Ordinary South Korea


South Korea is a wonderful country loaded up with amazing seashores, flourishing urban areas, old sanctuaries, magnificent regular view, and above all, neighborly individuals with antiquated history. South Korea has progressed significantly since The Korean War, which finished in 1953. Practically all of South Korea was leveled during the war, which is difficult to fathom if you have seen Korea as of late.

Korea’s immensely populated urban regions, well developed and maintained parks and recreational places are only a portion of the things that have made Korea a perceived hotspot for worldwide business and travel. Seoul Olympic Park, situated in the capital city of Seoul, safeguards the soul of the 1988 Summer Olympics and is open the entire day, giving multipurpose regions to sports, recreation, and a selection of social activities.

Right up ’til the present time, South Korea stays one of the world’s most ethnically singular nations. It is accepted that the individuals of South Korea are immediate relatives of a few transient Mongol clans who wandered into the Korean Peninsula about a half million years before. Today South Korea is home to roughly 49 million individuals making it one of the most heavily populated places across the globe. South Korea right now keeps up discretionary talks with more than 170 countries.

Famous Features of South Korea

South Korea is home to countless world-class attractions and yearly celebrations that outsiders and local people appreciate every year. South Korea has something for everybody, and an individual could without much trouble go through years going around the nation, investigating all that it brings to the table. South Korea owns one of the world’s biggest international standard airports, the third biggest metro system, and the third speediest land train, the KTX, providing fast commuting solutions to individuals from one place to the next in under 3 hours at speeds more than 360km/hour.

South Korea is one of those countries in the region that strictly follow the law, having a sense of security in provincial and metropolitan regions. Koreans are keen on you yet not forceful; notwithstanding, one should always be on their toes when they are roaming around in a foreign country.

Occasionally Koreans may stop and gaze at westerners; this isn’t intended to scare them. It’s just because they discover westerners captivating, and they’re keen on their appearance, culture, and perspectives. It’s not strange for Koreans to offer you food or beverages at a bar or cafĂ© to hear you talk and practice their English.

South Korean individuals are exceptionally active at numerous games that westerners know about. You will discover Koreans playing basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, scuba diving, dancing, fishing, bowling, mountain biking, badminton, and table tennis, etc. South Korea likewise has salsa and break dancing culture.


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