What Kids Can Learn On An African Safari


At Rhino Africa we believe that there is no minimum age to fall in love with Africa. A child’s mind is wonderful, curious, and ready to receive all kinds of stimuli. They will be able to enjoy many activities – some even specially designed for them -, visit this beautiful continent and experience its wildlife, its unique landscapes and all that this place has to offer in first person.

Many family African safari tours – including children – and, far from regretting it, they relate the experience as one of the best in their lives. In today’s post we give you up to 7 reasons to check that it is not only possible to travel to Africa with children, but that it is a highly recommended adventure.

1. Curious About (Nature)

Children have curiosity – without limits – as one of their main characteristics and are able to ask about anything as many times as necessary. Here you will find an ideal environment to ask all those questions, learn and enjoy things that you will hardly find in another part of the world. Imagine your little one interacting with a Maasai tribe, watching the sunset on the savannah or seeing lions, elephants or giraffes up close.

2. Lovers of Any Animal Species

And this connects directly to the second reason. There are few children who do not try to pet any dog ​​they see on the street or who do not ask their parents to keep a cat / turtle / hamster at home as a pet. On safaris they will be able to safely see first-hand different animal species that until then they only knew from movies or books. Wild fauna is waiting for you and, from experience, we can say that it does not usually disappoint.

3. An Adventure They Will Never Forget

And we are not just talking about the photos and videos that will star. Africa has the quality of staying in the mind of everyone who visits it, creating a connection that will make them want to return in the future. Imagine how proud they will be when they tell their friends that they have visited Africa, that they have lived with leopards and hippos or that they have dined under the stars in the middle of the savanna.

4. Open Mind and Traveling Spirit

If you want to instill in your children a traveling mindset and an adventurous spirit , a vacation in Africa will be your best encouragement. They will discover that traveling is much more than just going from one place to another by car or by plane, they will be able to form against prejudices and stereotypes and they will see that the world is an immense place that they will never tire of exploring.

5. Let Your Imagination Run Wild

A child’s imagination often has few limits, but Africa will take it to another level. The experiences you will experience here, the things you will see – impossible to see elsewhere – and the inspiration found in each accommodation and activity will make your imagination run wild.

6. Family Vacation

Perhaps this is one of the most important and valued reasons. Holidays are an ideal space to enjoy the people you love most in a completely different environment than usual. Together you can live incredible stories that will unite you even more, share experiences and strengthen your ties.

7. See with your own eyes your favorite animated characters

Few family African safari vacation packages include treated for kids. If your children have grown up enjoying Simba, Mufasa, Timon and Pumbaa, with the adventures of the protagonists of Madagascar or following Tarzan among the lianas, they will undoubtedly enjoy all that Africa has to offer. They will recognize the animals by the animated characters and will be excited to see that they are flesh and blood and that they are only a few meters away.


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