What is the difference between a balanced diet and a healthy diet?

What is the difference between a balanced diet and a healthy diet?

What is the difference between a balanced diet and a healthy diet?

We could say that a balanced diet is that diet through which we obtain all the necessary nutrients for our body to function properly and also be protected or at least help us prevent certain types of diseases.

That said, should a balanced diet be the same for everyone? The logical answer to this question is quite clear: no, a balanced diet should not be the same for everyone.

As we have explained in many articles on this website, each person has a different energy expenditure depending on the lifestyle they follow day after day. In addition to the basal metabolism, which initially depends on the sex of each person, age, height and weight, the daily physical activity expense will be totally different.

A balanced diet for a person who performs physical exercise 40 hours a week and is 180cm tall will not be the same as for a person 166cm tall who performs 7 hours of weekly physical exercise. Nor will a diet for a strength athlete be the same as for a triathlete, so each person must follow individual guidelines adjusted to their goal.


A balanced diet may not be healthy

Today, as discussed above, a balanced diet should be one that covers all the nutritional needs of a person for their body to function properly, yes, but unfortunately, the message that a balanced diet is one in which The proportion of calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins is ideal. This is an erroneous message that is transmitted in our society, and even more when there are absolute figures of percentages that form a balanced diet, which is currently the following according to different organisms:

Between 50% and 60% carbohydrates

15% or 20% protein

And 20% or 30% fat In addition to talking about general percentages as something wrong, as discussed above: a sedentary person is not the same as a strength athlete or a marathoner. If we analyze only macronutrients and calories, without looking at their origin, we can have a balanced but unhealthy diet.

A balanced diet and a healthy diet, ideal

Ideally, our diet should be as healthy as possible and also be balanced, without a doubt that would be the best for our body and in terms of sport, it would also be the best way to perform as much as possible. Since our performance will also be greatly influenced by our food.

Even so, it is understandable that a type of diet that can cause us stress is not always strictly followed, and in times when our diet is very calorically restrictive, it is understood that one day that balance will be “broken” and unbalanced. A little diet stress can be worse than keeping the diet to the limit.

Now, between a healthy unbalanced diet and a balanced unhealthy diet, it is slightly better that there is a small imbalance with healthy foods to always stay at the same weight with a balanced diet that is not really providing us with the necessary micronutrients. A balanced diet with a high percentage of unprocessed and truly nutritious foods can be followed, in which from time to time a less healthy whim appears that will not break our nutritional balance and that will remain healthy. As always, everything is good in its right measure and with ahead.

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