What Are The Best Travel Hacks For Students? (Low Budget)


Traveling should not be an unattainable and exclusive dream for those with a high salary, you will notice that by following these neat money tips on our blog and you can have a great experience and have one again if you get used to saving and not having absurd money leaks.

It is real that most people travel with savings that they have collected over several years, which would be ideal, however, if almost all of your salary is going to pay your rent and personal expenses then it gets difficult. Don’t think you’re the only one with this problem. Few people your age earn millions a year to have a life of luxury, but this does not prevent them from traveling. It’s all about developing a low budget plan according to your fixed income.

There are the hacks or tips to get the most out of your money:

Take advantage of travel outlets

First of all, try to buy your flight on an offer. To realize if it really is an offer, try to monitor the prices of trips throughout the year or a few months ago because sometimes the marketing does theirs and makes us believe that we are buying the best flight for a few dollars less with two scales instead of one.

Find out if your destination requires a visa or special permission

There are many countries that receive tourists or travelers for short periods with open arms without having to process a visa or special permit, however, others charge simply to enter their country even if you do not go to work in them. We recommend that if you make a low-budget trip, choose a destination that does not charge you for stepping on its land.

Some countries such as Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Nepal, Macedonia, almost all of Central and South America, do not require a visa to enter as a traveler from certain countries for a period of averagely ninety days, but others will charge you for the privilege of entering.

There are certain countries for which you need a special travel permit that does not have a very high price, such as Canada, for example, consider whether it is worth it or leave that destination for the next one.

Stay in hostels

For when you travel with a relatively limited budget, the best lodging option is the hostels for their low prices. Of course, prices depend on the city you visit and the location you choose. On the other hand, if you are young, you will probably feel more comfortable in a hostel atmosphere because people of your age from all parts of the world usually stay there, so you can meet new friends and interesting people with whom you can even share Transportation to the attractions you want to visit and that’s a tip that can save you money which is what this blog wants you to do.

Walk all you can

Or rent a bike … because walking without stopping is the best way to know a place, if you do, especially on days when the heat or cold is not very intense, you can save a lot of dollars a day.

Research with the locals what is the best way to transport you to the sports you want to know, sometimes, believe it or not, it is cheaper and more practical to take an internal flight than a long train trip that will make you lose half a day for a higher price.

Renting a bicycle will give you the possibility to explore the streets through which the tourist buses usually do not pass or where they do not stop to make a descent. You can also take the time you need to take your pictures and buy some local souvenirs.

Street food

Do not let the time come when you start to starve before you begin reviewing the options for eating. You can compare the prices of restaurants, markets and even stalls that you see hygienic in the streets. You will realize, of course, that it is much more convenient for both your pocket and your palate to eat in the food stands prepared by people who require that their economy be supported more than that of restaurants.

Meet the locals

Honestly, only people who live in a region are the ones who can give you the advice you are looking for. First, it is your duty to look for updated information on your part about your destination, not only about attractions and gastronomy but about transportation, dangerous areas or the exhibits that are exhibited in museums. After this work, try to ask specific questions you have without confusing people, understand that it is a different culture and communication can have details. You will always find very kind people in places, especially when they notice your interest in their culture and their country.



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