Ways to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Food

Ways to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Food

Ways to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Food are here;

Every person just about has a weakness.

Whether its money, an endless non-committed relationship, favorite music, etc.

Among the wide range of different preferences, just about every human has a weakness for unhealthy foods, only because of what it takes like, or how it makes the person feel.

Ironically, your mind has a lot to do with this. When you feel good about something, your brain releases endorphins.

Endorphins are responsible for “feeling incredibly good”.

Mentally and physically. Endorphins are associated to many things, and can be triggered from other things apart from food.

From a realistic view, people usually feel the crave only because the brain knows that if you eat such unhealthy food, endorphins will be released and it will make you feel much better.

Unfortunately, many people believe that the crave for unhealthy food is associated to being overnighted, or when you think you are hungry or just to have something sweet to munch on.

In this review, we will be discussing how enthusiasts alike can implement a number of strategies that can prevent the craving for unhealthy foods.

Ways to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Food are here

Its More Mental than Physical
Brain Signals Are Fired Away!

Before you feel the hunger pangs (the rumbling sound of an empty stomach) your brain is well aware of the fact that you don’t have any food to rely on at this point in time.

It then begins to play a small trick on you, and make you think of foods from memory.

The ability to pick up food scent increases and your taste buds may become more sensitive. This is all done to promote and persuade you to a meal.

Addiction Triggers

Some unhealthy foods like cake, honeybuns, and other pastries tends to get the best of us, regardless what our dental condition or age is.

I don’t blame you because I am just as guilty.

Nevertheless, where there is a problem there is a solution!

Other Types of Food Craving Triggers

  • Hormonal imbalances (serotonin, endorphins, and leptin)
  • Mood swings that cause a sudden shift in your emotions
  • Depression
  • Pregnancy

These types of cravings are associated to the brain which knows that if you eat those types of foods, there is a reward.

That reward is that feeling of satisfaction (endorphins).


Although most of the cravings are tied to mental satisfaction, pregnancy can be a bit of both, since the mother has to not only feed herself, but has to feed the baby too.

During this stage, a female could be disoriented with a mixed feeling, not sure what will satisfy her, resulting a number of cravings that can range from weird things like, ketchup in ice-cream, warm soda, etc.

How to Stop the Unhealthy Cravings?

Essential Hydration

Your body needs water.

Drink more water to help remove all the unwanted fats, salts and unwanted amino acids that tend to play a role in your triggers because your body may be used to such pattern.

Change Your Diet

According to a survey published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fast food options is a strong preference, especially age groups that range from 16 – 30.

Furthermore, a cross reference research by National Center for Health Statistics from 2013 -2016, more than 1-3 adults in the United States consume unhealthy foods.

With today’s fact moving environment and students with busy-hectic schedules, it can be time consuming to find the right healthy source to eat from.

Considering the tight timeframe, fast-food is the best option (which is also the number one reason why it is called fast food).

Although consumers are getting their food on-time and becoming more productive in their daily routine.

Most Americans are losing out on proper nutritional intake, alongside lack of exercise, which all can lead to obesity.

Obesity is tied to high concentration of ghrelin, (makes the stomach pang) which leads to hunger.

At this condition, craving for a number of unhealthy foods may be increased.

Take Smaller Steps

No one is asking you to transition into a vegetarian in one night.

We are all carnivores, one way or the other. To make a dramatic change in your diet system, you must approach with small “doable” steps.

Don’t put yourself in a situation that you know you cannot handle or that fact that it will over stress you.

Make goals for yourself. If you are eating 5 bags of chips a day, consider downsizing to 4, then 3, then 2, etc.

The following is a chart that should help you make some wiser choices in the future;

Top Unhealthy Foods Wiser Choice to Consider
Snacks with high sugar level Nuts, seeds, vegetables, & Fruits
Sweets & Sugary Foods Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Veggies (Grapes, Cauliflower, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach
Bread & Pasta Dark Leafy Greens (Kale, Collards, etc.) Nuts & Seeds
Oily Foods Broccoli, Asparagus, Kale, Mustard Greens, Bok Choy, Figs, Dates & Plums
Salty, Fried Foods Celery, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Seaweeds, Cashews, Nuts & Seeds
Final Conclusion

If individuals understood the mental part that’s associated to the desiring of unhealthy foods, many would easily adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In fact, there are some triggers that can go undetected, and the individual may never come to know.

The best practices to consider is hitting the gym to get enough exercise to wash and flush out all the bad stuff in your body and replenish it with all the good ones, alongside with dedicated consistency.

These are ways to stop cravings for unhealthy food and they are doable.


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