Mornings are probably one of the most hectic time frames for many people in today’s society. Whether you are getting up for school, work or the gym, a healthy breakfast is essential to your daily intake. Unfortunately, many people tend to consume an unhealthy breakfast and some just happen to skip breakfast, which is usually tied to either a really tight schedule or individuals that just don’t have an appetite. In this post, we will be revealing the top quick delicious healthy breakfast recipes that you can include your daily schedule!

Why Is Breakfast Essential?

Many people don’t realize the significance of breakfast and the benefits which it provides. One thing you must remember that when you sleep, your body repairs. That also means that the food that you ate during dinner is broken down and stored away for useful energy for the next day. Unfortunately, if the dinner wasn’t part of a healthy menu, then you may not have enough energy in the morning. Apart from attaining proper energy, typically most breakfast consists of rich nutrients that your body needs, including calcium, iron and B vitamins, along with proteins and fiber. According to multiple resources, it is concluded that if individuals don’t get the proper nutrients in the morning like B vitamins, the individual may not be able to consume any foods that contain such nutrients. That means that the person will miss out on those important nutrients and therefore most likely may be less productive.

Top Healthy Breakfast Picks


A bowl of cereal can be essential. Most cereal brands are loaded with healthy nutrients like carbohydrates/starch (energy), protein, fiber and a wide range of vitamins and minerals including the B vitamins folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, iron, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus.

Egg, Cheese & Beans

If you are the type of individual that spends their morning at the gym, it is essential for your body to intake healthy nutrients and highly-rich protein foods. Egg and cheese are exceptionally healthy, as it provides quality nutrients alongside is a good source for protein. For a protein boost, consider a breakfast burrito with beans. This type of recipe provides up to 25 grams of protein from the eggs and beans. Consider filling a corn tortilla with two scrambled eggs, ¼ cup of diced sautéed onions (white onions preferred) and ¼ cup of black beans. Finally top it with some pico-de-gallo or any other sauce to increase flavors.


One of the fastest and the simplest healthy foods to eat in the morning is a slice of toast. But not just a toast, its best to add additional healthy toppings that will increase your nutrient intake. Loose the margarine and try peanut butter / almond butter with sliced or diced toppings like bananas, berries (any type). This is essential for a balance diet that results in high energy with low carbs. Avoid using butters that have a high saltine factor.

Final Conclusion

There are no limitations to what types of food you can consume to get the best nutrient source in the morning to keep your body rich with nutrients. Individuals that are enthusiasts about eating healthy during the morning, should consider these recipes to be included in their daily dietary plan.


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