Top Destinations For International Students That Offer Post Graduate Work Permit

Top Destinations For International Students That Offer Post Graduate Work Permit

Here are Top Destinations For International Students That Offer Post Graduate Work Permit

Which are the top destinations for international graduates? And how difficult it is for someone who has studied abroad in that country to take benefit from it? Let’s find out.

When you are slaving away in a dark cubicle in the snowy Northwest, working internationally for a year seems to be a great idea. Flash Alert: It is! Contributing to a work abroad program might be the most transforming experience of your life. Can you think of any other interesting way to inject a quick jolt of excitement while advancing your career?

No matter at what point of your career progression you are, be assured that working abroad will add into your experience diversely. If you want to wait tables making your way around Australia normally or you are dying to work as an intern with a London financial firm, there is a program to assist you to do it.

New Zealand

New Zealand proves itself to be a great place to live, work and study. New Zealand’s graduate track allowed international students to apply for a post-graduate work permit. In this policy, the graduates are eligible to work for 12 months visa in a field that is related to their studies.


Australia is one of the best destinations to work for short-term and long-term work opportunities. Most of the job seekers find jobs in the hospitality or services industry, or they seek to work through agencies for short-term jobs in Australia. If you have some experience in the service industry, you can work as a bartender, tour guide, restaurant staff, or housekeeper. Seasonal agriculture work is also quite popular among temporary job seekers.


There are professional and casual jobs in Canada for international students of all skill sets. Also working in Canada is perfect since the cost of living and standard of living is affordable. If you have TESOL and TEFL then the opportunity to teach in English are largely available in Vancouver and Toronto. Telecommunications, films, and media these industries have potential jobs in Toronto.


If you can’t speak Italian fluently, then jobs in tourism and teaching English are best for you. Other job opportunities involve childcare like you can work as an Au Pair and assist chaperone camps. If you know Italian and can speak well then you can get jobs in agricultural exports, business and fashion will be remarkable opportunities to set your CV apart for the future.

This is just a few top destinations For International Students That Offer Post Graduate Work Permit.

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