Tips and Tricks That Help You Take Beautiful Pictures While Traveling


Vacation photos are probably the most beautiful souvenir you can bring with you from a trip. But how does the perfect photo succeed and which camera is most suitable for laypeople? I spoke to a pro who will give you 10 exclusive tips for the perfect vacation photos.

You can either show off your holiday photos on Instagram or simply make your friends and relatives at home jealous with the pictures after your holiday. But how do you actually take the perfect vacation photos? What do you have to watch out for? How do some people make their vacation photos look like they came from the cover of National Geographic? You really often wonder what the secret of these photos is.

10 Tips & Tricks for Perfect Vacation Photos

Use the Most Beautiful Light for Photography

For really great holiday photos you sometimes have to make sacrifices: it is worth getting up a little earlier on holiday and using the most beautiful light of the day: very early in the morning, about half an hour before sunrise, you have the warmest light and so it becomes every tree on your lens looks like a real work of art. But late risers also have a chance! You can also catch the nice warm light half an hour before sunset. The advantages of these two intervals: In the meantime, you can enjoy your vacation and do not have to be constantly on guard – the camera at hand.

Use an ISO Automatic

If your camera has an ISO automatic function, then use this too. Even if, or especially if you don’t know exactly what ISO is all about, you should set this function to automatic and the camera will think for you. Simply search in the ISO settings and select the desired setting. For the curious of you who want to know more: ISO regulates film sensitivity – the more sensitive, the less light is required for the photo. Since not every amateur vacation photographer can intuitively pull this value out of his hat – automatic is always possible.

Photograph People

Especially in exotic countries, it’s great to take photos of people to capture the country’s culture. Whether a Himba woman in Namibia or an Indian woman in a sari, people often provide a typical photo motif. Just dare to ask people kindly for a photo. Depending on the situation, you should decide whether a small tip is required as a thank you after taking the picture.

Photograph on a Scale

If you want to photograph a particularly huge rock or an extremely tiny insect, the size in the photo usually doesn’t come across as well. But to show your friends how gigantic the Victoria Falls are, for example, don’t just take the waterfall itself in front of the lens, but look for an object to compare the sizes. For example, if there is a boat on the river below, try to take it into the picture. Or, if you don’t have to risk your life, just stand next to the object to be photographed. So, your holiday photo will definitely cause astonishment and show the desired effect. The same applies to small detail shots. The size of a particularly great spider only comes across well if you put a match or a beer mat next to it.

Unusual Perspectives

Everyone has the classic image of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty in mind. Of course, this can be a nice holiday photo, but it is not really exciting. So how about an extraordinary perspective? Lie down under the Eiffel Tower and take photos, climb a nearby fence and take photos from a higher perspective, crouch down and take photos with some grass in the foreground. This makes the viewer’s eye look much fresher and provides a lot of relief for variety in your vacation photos.

Clean the Lens

You surely know that: At the sea there are quick splashes of water on the lens, which can quickly spoil the picture, or the lens dusts in the desert and the view is deteriorated. There is only one solution: The lens has to be cleaned. But beware! Don’t just take a handkerchief! A microfiber cloth is fine if you have one. This tip from the professionals is much better and definitely much cheaper: a cigarette paper. You just have to tear off the adhesive tape, breathe on the lens once and wipe the paper side inside out. You do not have to worry about the lens, the fine paper leaves no scratches and simply absorbs grease stains, etc. You can take the little papers with you on vacation, they hardly take up any space in your suitcase.

Always Have a Second Full Battery with You

If you take a lot of pictures, a single full battery is usually not enough. It is always good to have a second full battery ready for replacement. Otherwise you will be annoyed later – I can promise you that the best photo motifs will appear when your battery is empty.

And how else can you prove to your friends that you saw a leopard in Sri Lanka? Nobody else believes that. So be well prepared and put the full battery in your pocket, especially when it is cold, it will not discharge so quickly thanks to your body heat.

Protect the Camera from the Rain

Of course, the weather is sometimes not so good even on vacation. If it rains, the camera can quickly be in danger because you still want to take pictures. However, the solution to this problem is really simple: Check out the bathroom in the hotel room to see if you can find a shower cap! No matter if it looks a bit stupid, just put it with the stretch opening around the lens of your camera and you have perfect protection against rain showers. Even when it rains, great vacation photos can be taken, so you’re always ready for action.

Mark full Memory Cards

It is really annoying when you turn on the camera on the first day of your vacation and see that the memory card is completely full. Now you can look at the pictures of Grandma’s 80th birthday while on vacation. You cannot simply delete the pictures either, so it is best to take precautions before you go on vacation and put the full memory cards upside down in the case. So, you always know which card is already full and which you can use.

Use Small Memory Cards

One last tip is to always use small memory cards. So instead of buying a 64GB memory card, you’d better buy several 8 or 16 GB cards. In the unlikely event that your memory card breaks or you lose it, at least not all the photos are gone at once, but you still have a few other cards with vacation photos. This saves you a good deal of trouble and you can show your friends a few pictures.


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