Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Greece!


Sometimes it is difficult for those who travel to Greece for the first time to understand or get used to some practices of the Greeks, their habits and traditions. That is why we have created this article that contains things that you should know or that you should keep in mind before embarking on your trip to Greece. To make it easier we present this list that will cover several categories of things that will be useful to know to better organize your holiday and fully enjoy the things that Greece has to offer.

1.- Do not try to see many locations:

instead try to enjoy and relax, after all that is the idea of​taking a vacation. Do not book trips to each island and place one day after another, it is preferable that you give each space the necessary time to know it well and enjoy them.

2.Best time to travel to Greece:

Make your reservations: the earlier you make your reservations for hotels and flights you can get better deals. When it comes to ferry tickets, it is preferable to book on Greek ferries in advance if you plan to travel between July and August. In any case, you must make reservations early if you want to set aside a cabin or if you travel by car.

3.- Regarding Special Needs:

Greece is not a very organized country to serve people with special needs. The best thing you can do is book in advance the spaces that are adapted, especially if you plan to take a ferry trip because they have few specialized cabins for people with disabilities. You must also choose the hotel correctly and if you plan to know the islands, you must take into account that not all are accessible, make all inquiries in advance.

4.- Have Cash at Hand:

it is important to always have cash on hand in addition to your credit card as there are some restaurants and shops for example that do not accept cards .

5. – Country of smokers: this is a common bad habit among the Greeks and that sometimes is very annoying for tourists. In 2009, a law was passed that prohibits smoking in completely enclosed spaces and obliges locals to identify the special smoking area. Despite this, you should keep in mind that almost 50% of Greece’s population smokes, so it will be quite difficult to avoid smoke while you know the country.

6.- The Churches and Monasteries:

you will find throughout the country a large number of Churches and Monasteries because Greece has a very close relationship with religion, however, tourists must understand that there is a certain dress code to enter these buildings , men should wear long pants and women long-sleeved blouses , no shorts or swimsuits.

7.- Internet Connections:

Internet connections in Greece are quite easy as there are several free WIFI zones that you can access from your laptop, tablet or cell phone. In addition to this, you can purchase a prepaid internet card with which you will also enjoy a telephone line with which you will have a connection. You should also keep in mind that many hotels offer among their internet services.

8.- It is Easy to Communicate:

it will be a lot easier to communicate in Greece, even if you can’t speak good English. The majority of the population is accustomed to dealing with tourists and will know how to help you in whatever you need. In addition, most of the country address signs can be read in both English and Greek.

9.- The Greeks are Friendly People:

The Greeks are usually very pleasant people and like to help but we advise you to learn some words in Greek, they love listening to foreigners speak their language; then instead of saying “Good morning” say “Kalimera” or instead of “Thank you” “Efxaristo” .

10.- Be Kind and you will be Treated with kindness:

as we have already said the Greeks like to attend to tourists, however, they will treat you the way you do it. The Greeks do not like to be disturbed for no reason nor do they like tourists to be annoying or to make uproar. For example, if you are drunk and make a fuss, you will most likely call the police.

11.- Ask for Help:

the Greeks can see you in the middle of a street struggling to find your destination on a map and not say a word, however, the moment you approach someone to ask a question, they will give you a Great smile and as much help as you can. As mentioned in various travel blog websites, the policy of the Greeks is not to disturb tourists until they ask for it.

12.- Monetary Unit:

in Greece the Euro is used as currency and payments in another currency are not accepted, so be sure to change your currency.


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