Things to do on The Island of Bahamas


With seven hundred islands, golden secluded beaches. Azure, sparkling waters and a rich culture, the Bahamas is sure to give you the most amazing experience of your life. Who doesn’t immediately dream of palm-fringed beaches and turquoise water? Let’s say this is how the Bahamas really looks!

Here we have summarized the best Bahamas travel tips for you.

Swim with Pigs

Yes, swimming pigs actually exist, and they are the happiest piglets in the world. They lie on the powder-white sandy beach in partial shade and are visited by tourists who bring delicious food and water. Would they end up on the grill afterwards? No, because this is not supposed to be a story about eating pork, but about a visit to “No Name Cay” or the Piggyville.

The small island is only a few minutes by boat from the main island of Great Abaco and is home to the swimming pigs. 

Pigs prefer to eat dog food over vegetables. Our sacks are only emptied at the very end when the dog food runs out.

Conclusion: A unique and touching experience, even if there are a few things to consider!

A Trip to Hope Town on Elbow Cay

A picture- perfect island, soft, lonely sandy beaches or, on the other hand, beaches with stronger waves for surfers – great restaurants and a ride on the golf cart. All of this is Elbow Cay, one of our highlights of the trip.

When arriving by ferry, we get off at the first stop and venture up the famous landmark of Hope Town – the lighthouse. The view is probably the most beautiful motif of the whole trip and worth the few stairs that go up. How often do you have a 360-degree panoramic view of beaches, islands and turquoise blue sea?

Then we take the next ferry and cross over to the other bank of the island. From there we start a walk past the pastel-colored wooden houses and towards the golf cart rental. We discover small gardens and secluded beaches and enjoy a wonderful lunch. Finally, we drive towards Tahiti Beach towards the sunset and watch the tide devour the crescent-shaped sandbar. A perfect end to a perfect day!

Conclusion: You shouldn’t miss this island!

Explore the island by Boat

Nothing works in the Bahamas without boats! You don’t really experience the Bahamas without being on the boat.

It is best to rent a boat with a captain from a boat charter and have a day at the sea with you. We saw starfish and turtles in the mangroves, explored lonely islands and ate lunch in one of the local insider tips. 

Conclusion: A boat is worth its weight in gold – and therefore also an investment to rent!

Stroke and Feed Stingrays

Be honest: who is respectful, or even a little afraid of stingrays? We have never seen such gentle creatures. They stroke our feet directly on the flat sandy beach on a desert island and we feel the slight suction of their mouth when we give them food with the flat of their hand. We are never afraid of their spines, which they only use when in danger.

The skin feels wonderfully soft and smooth and we cannot get enough to let our feet slide and feed. At some point they disappear and we are left with a blissful feeling.

Conclusion: The most wonderful experience that we have ever had with sea creatures and a must do in the Bahamas.

Drive a Golf Cart

Islands are only so beautiful because we humans have not yet overused them. It is all the better to explore them not with a car, but with a golf cart. (Of course, a beach walk is even nicer, but the beaches in the Bahamas are long – miles long! And sometimes you want to explore a little more than just the first mile.)

Conclusion: On Great Abaco and Elbow Cay you can rent a golf cart every day and explore new sections of the island.

Enjoy the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

It is not for nothing that Caribbean beaches are consistently getting the best ratings when it comes to ranking the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Our favorite beach is right outside our hotel door: Sandpiper Beach on Treasure Cay. Every day, the crescent-shaped beach is deserted and bathed in new colors. The sand is as soft as flour and the water is completely clear and turquoise. A real dream! But the beaches of Elbow Cay are also fantastic.

Conclusion: definitely plan a few days at the beach!

We end our Bahamas travel tips with a bonus suggestion. If you got a taste for it now, we can only recommend you to include “The Abacos” in the shortlist. 


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