Things To Do And See In Africa


In Africa there are hundreds of things that we can do, things that we can see and enjoy, without a doubt, it is a continent in which things to do and things to see during our vacations will not be lacking. To speak of Africa is to speak of a paradise where we can enjoy the sun and the beach, nature, as well as adventure and rest, outdoor sports or a tourist safari through the Serengeti, it is the continent of contrasts and a thousand and one things to do. Below we will talk about some of the top places to visit in Africa.

In Africa, there are many things to see and things to do, it is a diverse continent, where sport, nature, good weather, exoticism and mystery are intertwined in a wild continent, full of wonders of nature. Visiting the Serengeti, touring the Black Forest, navigating the sea, rivers such as the Okavango, touring the Rift, getting lost in the Sahara in Morocco, touring its most emblematic cities, enjoying Lake Victoria, navigating the sea … are some of the best activities , not the only ones because enjoying your vacation in Africa is more than all that, it is having the possibility of enjoying the sun, on a beach in the Indian Ocean , or the Red Sea , in the quiet Mediterranean or in the incredible waves from places like Essaouira in the Atlantic , sports like windsurfing , surfing,Kitesurf stand out at sea, sports such as hiking , climbing , or horse riding stand out on the mainland, and in its rivers or large lakes, nothing better than sport fishing or tours in Canoe , and just in case, remember that in the Atlas, in Morocco , you can ski or snowboard.

The routes natural section are the most demanded in Africa, touring the Serengeti enjoying all its wildlife, Lake Tanganyika , the OkavangoClimbing Kilimanjaro … are other possibilities, totally opposite to what you can find in Tunisia , Dar es Salaam , or Cairo among many other cities, where you can also enjoy an incessant nightlife full of leisure and fun. Enjoy your vacation in Africa, and remember, these are all just a few of the things you can do on this continent.

Monuments such as the Great Sphinx or the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt ; natural spaces such as the Serengetti in Kenya or the ParkKruger National in South Africa ; emblems like Kilomanjaro or Lake Victoria ; outdoor sports ; tropical tourist destinations such as the island s Seychelles , Cape Verde , or Isla Mauricio ; impressive cities such as Cape Town, Nairobi , Marrakech or Cairo; navigate some of the seas of Africa enjoying the good temperatures, the whale watching or whale watching ; shopping; enjoying this wonderful land, enjoying your vacation as these top places to visit in Africa can be anything but boring.


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