The Nightlife In Spain – Best Luxury Clubs In Spain


Whether you live in Spain or plan to visit it, you should know that it has an incredibly famous nightlife. This is due to the hotels, concerts and nightclubs that exist in that country, especially in Barcelona.

Best Luxury Clubs in Spain That You Cannot Miss

There are many clubs that you can visit in Spain, however, we mention below some of the most important clubs in the city of Barcelona:


If what you are looking for is a club where you have all kinds of music in its disco; If you are also looking for many bars, this is the one. It has 5 rooms, each with its bar table and its own music. It is an unforgettable experience to be there, and the best, a single entry of 15 Euros.


If you are studying at the university and want to enjoy with your friends in a club, Elephant is the most indicated for its location. It is found throughout the university area of ​​Barcelona. That is why it only opens from Thursday to Saturday and until 5am. It has a unique decoration, you will imagine a 2-story mansion, with large bronze elephants (you will understand that it has the name well put), outdoor areas, VIP areas and white sofas. Also if you want more intense sensations you could visit a strip club Barcelona, that there are many in the city.

Where Can You Stay in Barcelona Spain?        

If you are going for a walk to the city of Barcelona, ​​you will need a hotel to stay. Below we will list some in strategic places, close to all the fun you can get in the city:

Sunotel Junior

It is located geographically in the center of the city. It has the subway just 2 blocks away.

Pol & Grace Hotel

In the opinion of those who have visited it, it is better than 5-star hotels located in the city center. It has a very convenient relationship between price, quality and comfort that flank the stay.

Hotel SerhsCarlit

It has the best booking service rate with respect to hotels in the area. The hotel is relatively central. But it has good communication with the rest of the downtown area.

NH Sants Barcelona

The location of this hotel is excellent, it is only five minutes from Barcelona Sants metro station. In addition, the luxury in its rooms is on another level well above the competition.

Hotel Transit

He is not one of the best in his bedroom grandeur. But it is quite central when it comes to getting around Barcelona. It is close to the Plaza de España and much closer to Sants. Their bathrooms do not usually have refrigeration, which is quite annoying at times, but it does have a good balcony to enjoy.

A Fun-Filled Nightlife

Do you want to travel and go out in Barcelona but don’t know where to go? Here we show you some places that may be of interest to you, especially if you want to have the best of nightlife that you can have very interesting visits to the city, perhaps a Barcelona strip club or perhaps a visit to the beach:

Paseo Del Born

In this area, there is a considerable amount of bars. It is a sector with a lot of movement at night. Among the most popular bars you can find in the area are: El Copetín and Crêpe del Born.

Gothic Quarter

It is one of the most central places in Barcelona and with a lot of night movement. In the area you will find bars of the lounge type such as: Guru and Margarita Blue.


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