The Best Casinos In Las Vegas


I recognize that my experience in Las Vegas left one of the strangest tourist sensations that I have been able to live in my many trips. That city, they say that of sin, offered me many different sensations: on the one hand dwarfed by the torrent of money that seems to circulate through its casinos every night of every day of the month of each year. Authentic exaggerations that normal tourists cannot even imagine.

On the other hand, for someone like me who enjoys cultural visits, monuments and museums, being in a place like Las Vegas, a priori is not attractive, and with that handicap I showed up there. It was a stop on my route to the nearby state of California and I could not miss the opportunity to visit it even if it was out of curiosity. And finally the strange feeling that it is true that there you can get as much as you want, the hotels, those that are so much seen on TV are pure exterior luxury (then strangely enough the rooms are nothing from the other world – I talk about rooms of average price J but what they are looking for… they get: attract the sight of the tourist with their sparkling lights and colors, with its extravagance and strange beauty. The point is that the client enters the facilities because the profits are not in the reservations of the rooms but in the casinos that all, absolutely all the hotels there, have.

And of course, touring The Strip, the famous Las Vegas Avenue, in the end you realize what the best casinos are, although as they say, about tastes there is nothing written…

And the best casinos in Las Vegas are:

I will be based specifically on the votes that hundreds of users make through their opinions on the many existing websites and social networks, as well as the prizes that many of these casinos have received, and of course, will have a little bit, the recipe, of that ingredient or personal taste for what I saw there on the days I was there.


Without discussion. There may be those who think of others, but it is without a doubt the best valued, the most awarded, the most famous cinematographically speaking, and for my taste one of the most luxurious and beautiful in the city. And its sources are a symbol of Las Vegas as well as absorbents.

It usually hosts tournaments of the World Poker Tour, has 40 tables to play, has 7,000 square meters of playing area with private rooms and more than 2,400 gaming machines.

Caesar’s Palace

Mentioned in several popular lifestyle blogs, this place welcomes you with a spectacular entrance, with huge columns and an art that leaves you speechless as soon as you see it. Its poker room is one of the largest in Las Vegas, it has 62 tables and the surface of the casino is 44,000 square meters. It has a burlesque-decorated room and is the official headquarters of major international poker tournaments.

Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino

It is another of the most representative hotels in the city with its immense golden facade. What makes it mentionable is its outdoor casino in the pool area that can be attended in a swimsuit / bikini, as well as its exclusive room with up to 20 large screens to bet on horse racing. It has almost 1,700 slot machines.

Venetian Hotel Resort Casino

The hotel is spectacular both outside and inside. On the outside the hotel is surrounded by channels through which gondolas circulate in which you can take a walk, while the interior is pure luxury with corridors and columns of pure Venetian marble. The casino, of course, is not far behind, being one of those considered “5 diamonds” in this city (like the Bellaggio). It has an area of ​​11,000 square meters and Deep Stack Extravaganza tournaments are held.

Luxor Hotel Casino

In certain well-known tourist websites, it is considered the best valued hotel by customers who have passed through it. I include it as it was where I stayed, and although I recognize that the hotel is spectacular for its theme (it is dedicated to Egypt) and everything in it reminds me of that country, the truth is that the rooms lack that luxury that apparently shows. The casino itself is one of the largest and most varied, and above all, it is one of the most historic in the city, as the hotel was one of the first to be built in Las Vegas with a specific theme.

As I said at the beginning, choosing a casino is difficult, especially since everything is based on experiences and always any ranking has part of subjectivity. There are the MGM, or the Palms (which has the slots that give more prizes), or the ecological casino Aria.

I must admit that it is not a trip that comes out especially cheap. The trip to the US, the stay and what you spend later in the casinos are more than enough reasons to think about it, but still, in the end it is a fresh and different experience.


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