The Best And Most Original Hotels In Africa


For its architecture, location, special characteristics or that plus that makes them unmistakable. Discover the best hotels in Africa 2020: The Grand Daddy, Rhino Post Safari Lodge and Plains Camp, The Turbine, The Palace of Lost City and Gorah Elephant Camp.

The Grand Daddy, Terrace Caravans

Located in the nerve center of Cape Town, this hotel not only offers rooms to use, but on its roof we find … caravans! If it is already somewhat extravagant to find this type of accommodation in the attic of a large city, usually linked to nomadic and country tourism, what is even stranger is to find them so full of luxury and creativity. The so-called Grand Daddy trailer park consists of 7 rooms in 7 caravans located on the terrace on the top floor; all extremely original but very different from each other, designed by the best local artists. Here we find for example the trailer “Dorothy”, devised by the plastic artist Sarah Pratt in blue tones with white polka dots (some in three dimensions creating a surprising effect in space), and a mini-exhibition of small artistic objects inside that are renewed every three months.

Rhino Post Safari Lodge and Plains Camp under the stars

The safaris in Kruger, are famous thanks to the spectacular natural animal wealth and its territories, and has come to be a common destination for specialists in South Africa. However, a well-known place can always surprise us with new experiences that renew our passion for travel. How does this accommodation do it? Both lodges offer their guests the unique opportunity to sleep under the stars in the middle of wild nature, on wooden platforms.

The Turbine, a Power Station Converted into the Best Hotel in Africa

That buildings originally built for another purpose or for another use are turned into hotels does not seem anything new. We have already seen it with farms, lighthouses or even castles around the world, but an old power plant transformed into a luxury hotel? That is unique! We find The Turbine along the Garden Route, at Thesen Islands Marina within the charming town of Knysna.

It is spectacular how an industrial-style building, which previously housed a large turbine to create energy (hence the name), manages to create a totally cozy environment without losing the character that characterizes it. A most ambitious project with an admirable result. Many of the elements of the old machinery are still visible behind windows, and we find ducts and pipes in perfect harmony with the elements incorporated into the construction and the chosen contemporary decoration, which makes this hotel an interesting example of architectural renovation.

On the other hand, the site of Thesen Islands, with its 19 islands linked by 21 arched bridges, and crossed by the water courses of the Indian tides, offers a good contrast of nature to the industrial character of the estancia. Undoubtedly a curious and peculiar hotel, which completes its charm with good service and equipment. A gem for lovers of modern design with that extra bit of originality that involves sleeping in an old power station, obviously without the noise of the machines and with all the comforts.

Sumptuousness and Opulence at The Palace of Lost City

As variety is the taste, we went from a power plant to … a real palace! Staying at this hotel means feeling like a sybaritic Indiana Jones, offering unprecedented luxury in an atmosphere full of detail. Sumptuousness and opulence run throughout the Sun City complex, but it is this “Palace of the Lost City” that perhaps best expresses the spirit of taking spectacularity to the highest level.

Gorah Elephant Camp, Sleeping between Elephants

And elephants follows the thing. Because you may expect to see an elephant when you travel to South Africa, but the opportunity to stay within the largest reserve dedicated to these pachyderms, without fences that limit your contact with the animal kingdom, are already big words. According to Ross Buchanan, property manager, this luxury lodge has two singularities that make it unique: one of the largest elephant populations in the world and the first private concession in history in a South African National Park.


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