Practical Tips for Your Trip to The Sahara Desert


The desert is an extreme habitat, characterized by drought, sun, heat and cold. Unlike animals, which have adapted to these conditions for millions of years, we humans have to consider a few things when we travel to the desert:

Equipment against Heat, Cold and Sun and Thirst

  • Face sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • Warm sleeping bag, mattress is available
  • Warm sweater or fiber fur for the evening
  • Airy long trousers and long-sleeved shirts
  • You can get suitable headgear from us …
  • Water bottle with a volume of 1.5 liters
  • Sandals with a good profile
  • Trekking or sneakers

Important: T-shirt and shorts are unsuitable. You lose too much water through the unprotected areas of the skin, and lack of sun protection is often the cause of diarrhea and headaches …

  • Equipment for your personal hygiene
  • Two rolls of toilet paper, depending on the duration of the trip
  • Some intimate tissues for body cleaning
  • Sealable plastic bag for collecting used toilet paper
  • Lighter for burning personal waste
  • Personal toiletries

Important: We use the water on our trips primarily for drinking, for preparing tea, for cooking and for washing hands. We cannot and do not want to offer you a shower during the trek.

Observation Equipment

  • A5 notebook and writing materials, no loose sheets (wind)
  • Photo camera and sand proof pouch, films as required
  • Possibly binoculars
  • Flashlight and spare batteries

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water should always be bottled. When we are in an unknown country, whatever it is, we should avoid drinking tap water because it can be contaminated and changing water can cause discomfort. It carries abundant little bottles to avoid dehydration and the drop in tension of the body.

Bring Snacks

Remember that we are heading towards nowhere, so it is important that before your trip, you buy nuts, granola, apple, etc. Remember that when facing such intense journeys as this, we must stay energetic.

Travel light

To go to the desert, it is essential that you travel light, you have to keep in mind that you will walk a lot and ride the dromedaries. So, for ease, carry a backpack with what you need.

Your backpack should not lack wet towels, a turban to protect your face, sunscreen, sunglasses, a flashlight to move around the Haima area at night, a portable charger for the night in the desert and plastic bags to protect and take care of your camera because in the desert there are strong winds.


When we think of the desert, we associate it with high temperatures, which is correct, but not always. In the Sahara temperatures are high during the day and low at night. Wear comfortable clothes in light tones that absorb less heat than dark ones, cotton clothes and a coat for the night. As for footwear, I recommend tennis or any other shoe that protects your ankles and has a wide rubber inside.

Be Flexible and Respect

When you travel to a country with a strong cultural and religious contrast, such as Morocco, be tolerant and respect their customs and culture although they differ from yours. You must face any situation that presents itself positively. When you do this tour, you must keep an open mind. You literally have to change the chip!


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