Las Vegas The City Of Marriage – Chapels And Prices


The information below serves both for weddings and for renewal of vows, since ceremonies and prices are usually practically the same.

There are many chapels that you can choose to get married and the price ranges of a wedding range from $ 40 to thousands of dollars. At the exit of the licensing office there are usually several commercials that will offer you offers from their chapels so that you can book with them. Although you can look for a chapel once there, it is best to keep it reserved from here, especially if you want the ceremony in Spanish. Currently, many weddings are held in Spanish if you request it, although it is not explicitly advertised on their websites. I recommend that you take the quest for the chapel calmly, watch wedding videos held in each one on YouTube and read opinions online to find the one that best suits what you are looking for. Keep in mind that a bad decision can ruin your day. If you read opinion forums like tripadvisor you will see that more than one has left discontent.

Some got married at Graceland Chapel and some loved it but it all depends on the type of wedding you are looking for. You can choose from classic weddings, weddings with Elvis, gothic weddings, themed weddings, get married in a pink cadillac or by helicopter. The limit is set by the price you set.

In the webs of the chapels we can see the packs they offer and their respective prices. You should always add prices that are not included, such as the $ 60 license you will have to process beforehand, $ 60 that is paid in cash to the minister after the ceremony, to tip the limousine driver if you want to reserve it (it is recommended a tip of $ 30), and some tip you want to leave the photographer, etc. It is also possible to add in case the package you hire does not include the ceremony DVD (about $ 60), photographs, the one that your wedding is broadcast on the web, extra flowers … In general, classic weddings or weddings with Elvis are usually around 300-400 dollars on average. Of course, you can spend less and you can also spend much more. Many chapels also offer rental of wedding gowns and the price is usually about $ 200 each.

I leave here information of some of the most famous chapels:

Graceland Chapel –

It is one of the most classic and famous. This was the first to celebrate a wedding with Elvis. They have married celebrities like Bon Jovi, one of the Kiss, Billy Ray Cyrus … He is also famous for appearing in films like “Only fools fall in love.

Long live Las Vegas Chapel –

Alaska and Mario were married in this chapel and they also renewed their vows in the famous MTV program. If anyone is interested in a wedding like theirs, the pack to choose is called “Elvis Pink Caddy” and its base price is $ 777. This chapel is famous for offering in addition to traditional packs, theme weddings: vampires, gladiators, rockabillys, helicopter weddings to the Grand Canyon

Little White Chapel –

This is the chapel where Ross and Rachel say yes in the Friends series and served as the setting for the movie Resacon in Las Vegas. Also married here Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Britney Spears or Slash of Guns and Roses. It has five chapels and as a peculiarity it has a 24-hour service that allows you to get married without getting out of the car or even by bike.

The Little Church of the West –

This chapel has also been chosen by many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton, Noel Gallagher or Judy Garland. As for aesthetics, it is one of the most different. It is located near the Las Vegas sign and they have the option of holding weddings there.

Chapel of the Flowers –

Has won several awards in recent years and has good reviews. As in the previous ones, they celebrate weddings in Spanish on request. It has three chapels of different sizes and they celebrate outdoor weddings under the garden gazebo. From what I’ve read, couples who get married here can renew their votes for free.

Chapels in hotels –

Some of the most famous are those of Paris, Venetian, Bellagio or Stratosphere. In the latter you can get married from the top floor of the hotel tower with incredible views and the Paris hotel for example, offers ceremonies on the “Eiffel Tower”. As a curiosity, many of these hotels also offer space rental for hand requests. There are usually packs that include the hotel room and generally have quite high prices. One thing to note about some of these chapels (not all of them) is that they are located in the middle of the hotel and when you leave your wedding you are in the middle of the casino and restaurants with all the fuss of people. Some of them have separate entrances and this does not happen so be sure to check.


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