How to Make Your Money Go That Much Further

How to Make Your Money Go That Much Further

Looking for how to make your money go that much further?

Ah, those pre-paycheck blues!

You are having a tough time making ends meet while pleading for a miracle lottery.

The moment your salary is credited, you are splurging on champagne, sushi and an extra pair of boots, to find yourself stuck in the same cycle for the next month.

The best part is you don’t need to be stuck in the same situation always.

What’s even better is that we’ve got your back on this (and you will still be able to eat that sushi). Here are some exciting ways to make your money go further.

Learn To Budget

Budgeting is not precisely the most exciting thing in the world, but surely it is a necessity.

The important part is that you should know how to spend your money sensibly, you will have more money by the end of the month to spend on other essential things.

Budgeting is one of your most reliable money managing skill.

keeping a track and planning ahead of each dollar you earn and then spend it wisely allows you to prioritize important things.

Your establishing a savings account and budget are both necessary if you want to stop living from salary to salary.

Plan Your Meals

It’s seriously time to look into saving money and make your income go further, and there is no better place to start from other than your BILLS.

 Do you think your food bill can be a big culprit in not able to save money?

Moreover, one the best thing about the food bill is that you have complete control over how much you want to spend. 

A great way of reducing your food bill is to start cooking your meals at home.

Pack lunch for your workplace. Also, take homemade coffee rather than spending money every day on Starbucks.

If you are going out for dinner thrice a week reduce it to once a week.

Be Friends With Loyalty Cards, Coupons And Vouchers

A way to save money and also have an impact in stretching it further is taking benefit from coupons, vouchers, and loyalty reward schemes. 

You should do a quick online search before you buy anything and you will be shocked to find out what amount you could be saving.

The same rule applies if you are planning to indulge in window shopping. 

If you shop at a particular store, ask if they have loyalty reward cards and see your added reward points.

Go Cash Only

Honestly, with a debit or credit card, it becomes way too easy to make those unnecessary purchases.

A coffee takeout, an excellent lunch, or some binge shopping every other week. 

Try to use cash for things like clothing, food, and other small purchases; this means you have to physically part with your money, which can lead you to think before spending. 

When you are using the card, you are not thinking much about whether you need that thing or not, with the cash you are aware of what you want.

It’s all a mind game.


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