How to Cut Down on Wedding Costs

How to Cut Down on Wedding Costs

We put togther practicals ways of how to cut down on wedding costs

A Shorter Guest List

You might not know, but the easiest way to cut down on wedding guests is by trimming the guest list.

It is best to invite people who are closest to you.

It is a hard decision to cut down guests, but even a few subtractions will help you considerably reduce the costs.

The number of guests affects catering, transportation, the venue, and even the décor costs.

Choosing an Affordable Wedding Style

We know that formal weddings are to-die-for but having a formal wedding is way more expensive than choosing an informal wedding style.

The less formal a wedding is, the more affordable it becomes.

You can choose to go simple as nothing looks more elegant than a simple wedding.

Make sure you choose wedding invitations that are not oversized and overweight.

The Perfect In-Budget Wedding Dress

The bride’s dress is one of the essential elements of a wedding.

Even if you have your heart set on couture, you can reduce the cost by choosing a less-expensive fabric and style that has fewer embellishments.

A Limo for Yourself and a Town Car for the Guests

When we think about wedding transportation, we think of limos.

A big mistake that people make is only to choose limousines.

A wise approach is to rent a grand limousine for the to-be-weds and simple town cars for all other guests.

The to-be-weds are the ones that need that kind of attention; therefore, it is best to choose limos only for the bride and the groom.

Choose a Cheap Yet a Beautiful Venue

Choosing a naturally beautiful venue will help you save a good amount on the venue décor.

A public park, a garden, or a beach are some places that serve as a great wedding venue.

Another option is to hold the wedding ceremony and the reception in one spot. It will eliminate the transportation cost and the moving time.

The Right Cake

Want a fancy cake for your wedding?

Then get one, a smaller version.

Choose one or two-tier cake with the exact design you want, and for the guests, several sheet cakes of the same flavors would work perfectly.

Follow these steps on how to cut down on wedding costs and you will be debt free before and after your big day.

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