How to Avoid Bad Job Interview Mistakes

How to Avoid Bad Job Interview Mistakes

How to avoid bad job interview mistakes and get your dream job.

Appearing in an Interview Without Preparing

Appearing in the interview without properly preparing for it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

This way, the interviewer gets the chance to get you off-guard which, in the majority of the cases, ruins the entire situation.

It is a good idea to surf the internet and list down the most common interview questions. It is smart to look up for questions related to the company’s functionality area.

To prepare yourself to the fullest, you could navigate to the official website of the company you are applying in and read their about us sections.

It will tell you a great deal of information about the company.

When the interviewer asks, “what do you know about this company?”, you will have the answer to it!

Inappropriate Dressing

As mostly the interviews are just like a personality assessment, what you wear can significantly impact the interviewer.

You know the phrase, “the first impression is the last impression”?

Well, it is most certainly true when talking about interviews.

When interviewing for a corporate or white-collar job, it is best to appear in the interview in a suit or a formal attire.

If you are to appear in an interview for a summer job at an ice-cream shop, you may dress up in a clean and casual way.

Make sure that your first impression does not become the reason behind you not getting the job.

Too Much Talking

Did you come across the tip of sell yourself to an interviewer while preparing?

A piece of honest advice is not to take this tip in its literal meaning.

You indeed need to sell yourself in a personality, but too much talking may just ruin things for you.

The right approach is to sell yourself smartly.

Try to complete your answers in the shortest sentences.

An interviewer is not interested in your whole life’s story; he just wants the answers to his questions.

Talking too much broadens the questioning ground for the interviewer, and you may find yourself stuck in something you said.

Therefore, talk less but smartly and make the right choice of words.

Badmouthing Past Employers

Want to know the truth? Nobody really likes their bosses.

One of the reasons you are applying for a new job is your boss. You know there are somethings that everybody knows, but nobody says?

“My previous boss was the worst person ever” is one of those things.

Was your boss bad?

Try to keep that to yourself and do not share too many details about your previous boss.

It gives the wrong impression to the interviewer and makes them think that you will speak this way about him and his company if you do not leave on the best terms.

Not Taking a Follow-up

Did you know that taking a follow up after an interview might actually help you get the job?

Follow up with a thank-you note as it shows the employer how much you are interested in the job.

It puts a great impression on the company, and it might even become the reason for you getting a job!

Almost everyone in the world has blown at least one of their interviews. Of course, there are exceptions where people get the first job they apply in, but in the majority of the cases.

it takes at least two interviews.

Make sure you avoid making these mistakes, and this way you will reduce the chances of your rejection!

We honestly know if you follow these steps on how to avoid bad job interview mistakes, you will get the job.


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