How should a young person invest money

How should a young person invest money

How should a young person invest money

Youth is a time when there are not so many responsibilities and starts in the workplace, with this comes the importance of learning to plan expenses to achieve short, long or medium-term objectives.

According to figures from the Financial Superintendence of US, approximately 69% of the US population does not save, in the case of young people, they only save for short-term projects, and this indicates that the investment is not something that is within the plans.

However, according to the Smart Consumption study conducted by Mastercard, the priorities of young people in Colombia are to have a stable economy (86%) and to be in good health (69%). Achieving these goals become a challenge when the income is not the best, for this, it is necessary to start saving and convert the savings into an investment. But how to start? What is the best plan?

Steps to start investing

Before making this decision you must choose which path you are going to take, this will influence your financial capacity now and in the future.

  • Reserve capital: as mentioned above, saving is key to starting an investment, this will help you in the personal and business sphere.
  • Knowing the business: the more you know about the business in which you want to invest, you will know if you are prepared to boost your energy in that project or not.
  • Knowing how to take risks: it is essential that you define when you should take risks or if it is better to wait. Before making a decision, pose the worst possible scenario.
  • The logic first: don’t let random thoughts or don’t try to guess when it comes to business. Although you have “hunches” or good feeling on some investment, look for the specific data that argue your plan.
  • Research: analyze the market and define investment strategies by talking with business partners, with the right tact you can get a lot of information without revealing your plan.
  • Do not stay in one place: at any time you can be wrong, do not invest all your money in one place, do it wisely.
  • Accept when you lose: recognize that you are wrong, do not be proud and learn. Try to lose the minimum and continue with your goals.

What to invest in?

Study: one of the best investments at any time in life, especially in youth, is study. Consider learning a second language, enrolling in courses or learning something that contributes to your resume.

CDT: it is a saving that is realized in a certain term, the profitability is obtained at a fixed or variable interest rate. Once the agreed time ends you can get the money.

CDAT: allows you to save your money in less time, even, in many cases their interest rates are higher and just like CDT you must wait for the agreed time to collect the money.

Buy shares: when you buy shares of a company you automatically become a partner, its value depends on the moment of the company, in the event that it is going through a crisis the shares will lose value according to the previous price, for this reason, it is a high-risk investment. Learn how to invest in the stock market

Investment funds: this product is characterized by raising the money of different investors, they can be natural or legal, the objective is to invest this money in different financial products according to established rules, and to obtain profits will be distributed to those who made the contribution of money.


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