Hiking in the Desert: 7 Tips & Tools for a Hiking Trip through the Sahara


Hiking in the Desert ♥ Tip 1

The right shoes:  When hiking through the desert, you are confronted with two different types of soil: sand and stone. Because contrary to expectations, it is not just sand that you hike on. This means that you hike both on soft sand and on hard stone. The right footwear therefore consists of trekking or sneakers with a good profile, ideally the shoes go down to the ankle, as the ground can be very uneven, especially in the stone desert. Sandals are ideal for warm days or time-out in the evening: trekking sandals or simple flip-flops (the latter are in no way suitable for hiking).

Hiking in the Desert ♥ Tip 2

The right clothes:  Contrary to expectations, the desert is not just hot and dry. Especially in winter it can get very cold as soon as the sun goes down. Although it is really warm and sunny during the day, temperatures can drop to 0 degrees at night. Therefore, the backpack should be packed accordingly. T-shirts and shorts are not suitable. Airy, long trousers or zip-off pants and long-sleeved shirts or long-sleeves are ideal for the day, in the evening you also need a jacket, preferably made of fleece. In general, the onion principle is the best choice when hiking in the desert.

Hiking in the Desert ♥ Tip 3

The right protection from the sun:  The sun in the desert can be very strong, so good sun protection is extremely important so as not to be surprised by bad sunburn. Care products with a high sun protection factor are best suited. Products created for the mountains are particularly good. Be sure to apply cream in the morning to be prepared. Important: Be sure to bring sunglasses with good UV protection!

Hiking in the Desert ♥ Tip 4

The right headgear:  what Berbers have been practicing for centuries is also a must for desert hikers. Nothing works without good headgear! The best way to protect yourself from sunburn, sunstroke and heat stroke with a headgear made of breathable materials, ideally with additional neck protection. Tube scarves are particularly practical and can be converted from a scarf to a cap in just a few simple steps.

Hiking in the Desert ♥ Tip 5

The right amount of liquid:  Anyone who moves needs sufficient liquid, especially when trekking in the desert, where the sun can burn relentlessly. Therefore, you should be prepared and have water with you. Therefore, a water bottle with a capacity of 1.5 liters belongs in the backpack; if you like, you can also pack a small thermos to have tea in between.

Hiking in the Desert ♥ Tip 6

The right products for the cosmetic bag: In the desert, you don’t need a full cosmetic bag with beauty products. Instead, a few practical helpers are important. For example, wet wipes are very helpful if you don’t have a shower but still want to “wash” yourself. On the way you also need a roll of toilet paper. The subject of the toilet is handled very naturally in the desert: if you have to, you have to, you should either pack your waste (a sealable plastic bag to collect waste must also be in your backpack) or burn it: that’s why a lighter is very practical.

Hiking in the Desert ♥ Tip 7

The right technology tools:  In order to be able to use a camera, smartphone, etc. in the desert, where there is no electricity, a good power bank is important, with which you can charge several devices at the same time. In addition, a sand proof bag is essential to protect the devices from the small grains of sand. Tip: If the camera actually gets sand, a toothbrush can help: just brush gently over it. A headlamp or small flashlight is important for the night: Anyone who spends the night in the desert has a light source in their tent and especially for a walk to the camp toilet.


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