Healthy eating with diabetes – tips for a healthy diet

Healthy eating with diabetes - tips for a healthy diet

Are you diabetic? check this out Healthy eating with diabetes – tips for a healthy diet

In general, knowledge of food and nutrition is essential to maintain a good state of health, but in the case of diabetes, it is essential for its control.

In diabetes, special control of foods rich in carbohydrates is required to avoid oscillations in blood glucose levels. The basic objective of food, apart from providing all the essential nutrients for the body, should be to keep blood glucose levels as stable as possible.

As the portal ‘’ recalls, carbohydrates are one of the main nutrients and one of the most important energy sources for our body. This is because the digestive system converts them into glucose (sugar), which passes into the blood and is distributed throughout the body to be used as energy.

In an interview, a dietitian-nutritionist of the Diabetes Unit of the Hospital ​​and a member of Group 2.0 of the Spanish Diabetes Society (SED) Marina points out that specifically, in type 2 diabetes, most frequently, patients must have knowledge of food and nutrition to achieve adequate weight and maintain acceptable glucose levels.

Meanwhile, in type 1 diabetes, he says that knowledge of food is going to be “crucial” to maintain a good state of health, although mainly for good management of insulin patterns and good glycemic control.

Of course, according to the specialist, the risks of not following a proper diet are different depending on the treatment of diabetes. In the case of hypoglycemic drugs, it is necessary that the handling of carbohydrates and food groups through the plate method can be very useful. This method is very useful, especially in type 2 diabetes, and allows you to count and control carbohydrates based on the portions of the dish used.

However, it warns that in patients with type 1 diabetes, the optimal method is carbohydrate counting. In this case, ingesting a lower amount of carbohydrates than expected or estimated can cause hypoglycemia. And otherwise, if you do not estimate carbohydrates well and consume more than expected, the result will be hyperglycemia.

List of nutrition tips for a diabetic

Therefore, the member of the Spanish Diabetes Society lists the following tips for a person with diabetes:

  • Food advice for people with diabetes is similar to the general population, based on maintaining good cardiovascular health.
  • Your diet should be healthy and balanced to maintain good general health.
  • It should also be enough, you should not eat too much, to avoid being overweight, but also do not think that eating less than the recommended amount is going to get better control.
  • It is not necessary to completely exclude the consumption of sugars from the diet. But know the speed of absorption of food (Glycemic Index) and how to modulate the glycemic index.
  • Introduce high-fibre foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains or whole grain flour to decrease the glycemic index of the diet.

Consume in moderation or reduce the consumption of foods high in saturated fats (meat, sausages, and butter).

Now you know Healthy eating with diabetes – tips for a healthy diet

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