Fun Facts About Las Vegas You Probably Didn’t Know


The United States is a country that holds many treasures, offers all kinds of tourism and is one of the most advanced countries in the world. And although it has several icon cities before the world, one of the most important is Las Vegas, better known as Sin City.

Las Vegas is a tourist destinations that offer a GREAT variety of activities. No matter if you go with your partner, friends or family, there will be no time of boredom. This city shines for its entertainment offer. You can find the best hotels, restaurants, casinos, spas, shops, plays, musicals, concerts and impressive shows of Cirque Du Soleil, among many other things.

So, if you have never been to Vegas, then we share these fun facts about Las Vegas that will definitely build your interest:

1. Summer is hotter than you imagine

Even if you don’t believe it in summer, the temperature reaches 40 °, so the best thing this season is to be in one of the pool parties.  There are many activities you can do without being outdoors.

2. Fun facts about Las Vegas hotels

The hotels in Las Vegas are huge, so you should never be in a hurry in this city. Just imagine that walking from the car to the room can take more than half an hour. There are also a thousand things that attract your attention, so you will always find something to distract yourself with and you will want to take pictures in all corners.

3. Casinos make you lose track of time

No casino wants people to be aware of the time they spend there, so it is almost impossible to find a clock or a window in the casinos. There is also oxygen near each seat so that people stay awake. Don’t worry and just play!

4. It has the largest construction in the world with LEED certification 

The Aria hotel is the largest construction in the world and the first in Las Vegas with the LEED Gold status ¨Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design¨ certificate, a sustainable architecture certification. The award was developed by the United States Green Construction Council.

5. Getting married is legal

One of the reasons why people get married in this wonderful and crazy city is that you don’t need to wait to get your marriage license. That’s why it’s no surprise that about 300 people get married every day. One of the most famous chapels is the Elvis Chapel.

6. It has the first hotel in America to incorporate Crave Tablets

The Crave Tablets are the first tablet in the world that are specifically designed for the use of hotel rooms. The Aria Hotel is the first hotel in America and in Las Vegas to offer its guests in its 4004 rooms. With this device the customer can order room service, close and open the curtains of his room, as well as turn off and on the lights without having to stand up from the bed. You can also order the amenities you need, make reservations for restaurants, shows and activities, among many other things.


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