Five Tips To Travel Safely To The Sahara (Or Any Other Desert)


We offer you five tips to safely enjoy the trip through the desert, focusing on the Sahara, but it works for any of the others.

One of the most interesting adventure vacations that most attracts all travelers is to go to a place as inhospitable and demanding as the Sahara Desert. This is one of the deserts that has all the characteristics that we usually think of in these types of places, so it is not a place where we can simply go hiking. The extreme temperatures, the lack of facilities of any kind and an extensive extension of “nothing” make entering it, even on vacation, dangerous.

We are going to offer you some of the necessary advice to cope with a visit to the Sahara desert, which, by the way, can help you to visit any of the other great deserts that exist around the world. Are you ready for the adventure? Well this is what you have to take into account before starting it.

1-   Adequate Clothing and Survival Material.

Entering into an environment as hostile as the Sahara Desert is not the same as visiting a city or entering a mountain, for example. The sun is a dangerous enemy and you have to be prepared to withstand high temperatures, but at the same time be well protected to avoid skin burns. Comfortable, breathable and light-colored clothing that helps resist heat better. It is also necessary to protect the head and above all, sunscreen cream, because our skin is not prepared for the effects of the sun at that level.

The shoe also has to be comfortable and also to protect the ankles. If the shoe is breathable, it will help prevent water loss. It must be resistant footwear, because we would not like it to break during a walk through the desert dunes. In addition, in the backpack you must carry a survival kit, so it can happen. Ropes, compass, a knife or penknife, lighter, a thermal blanket and a flashlight, not to mention a medicine cabinet. You have to remember that in the desert there is nothing and if anything happens, it is better to be prepared to spend a night, at least.

2-   Water in Abundance.

It does not matter if you are one of those who do not usually drink too much, dehydration is very dangerous and you must bear in mind that the sun and heat play their part. Always keep hydrated and always carry enough water in the car. There are no stores to buy supplies, and travel needs to be considered.

3-   Take Care of the Group.

They will also do it for you. Facing such dangerous and unknown terrain, you need to enlist the help of the rest of the group. If anything is needed, someone from the group can supply it and if someone needs something that we carry, we can offer it. This kind of thing makes the desert trip more enjoyable and less burdensome.

4-   Be Patient and Tolerant.

Things are different in the desert. You shouldn’t expect things to work the same as in a western city. The inhabitants of the towns that are found during the journey through the Sahara have their customs and beliefs. You have to keep an open mind and be patient. We are at home, visiting, and we must respect their way of living and being. As for transport, although many excursions to the Sahara desert are made in 4 × 4, but it is also possible that some section is made by dromedary. These animals are very special and who knows them well is the one who takes us in them. To avoid problems, you must follow their instructions and always, when in doubt, ask.

5-   Enjoy the trip.

The desert is a magical place, something totally different from what we are used to. That is why you have to change the way of understanding the environment, follow the directions of the guides and enjoy a completely different experience in a big way that will mark your memory. The journey can be quite hard, but it will be quite interesting if it is done in conditions.


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