Five Major Ways to Raise Funds for Your Startup in 2020


Taking on an entrepreneurial journey is not as easy as you would think it is. No, you don’t hop right into it if your plans for tomorrow and goals for the years to come aren’t sorted. Instead, your venture may require you to delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of your brand’s idea to reap better outcomes. From your marketing tactics to raising enough funds for the capital, each measure demands to go the extra-mile so that your journey may become slightly less-complex.

In case, you are struggling with raising finance for your venture, and no option seems to work for you, you may research extensively. While researching the market keeps you going in the right direction, you also get to save yourself from several inconveniences you might encounter in the future. Let’s face it; raising funds isn’t a piece of cake. From your project idea to your strategies, every investor asks for that spark in your venture that may want them to invest in your project. However, with these five ways, you might find raising funds a lot less draining.

Ensure you Creditworthiness is Intact

No, you cannot expect investors and financial institutions to grant you loans if your credit history is not in line. It would only keep them away from your project. Precisely put, it is your reputation in the industry and the business plan that gravitates investors to you. In case you lag in any of these, chances are you are only diving in the deep pit. So, ensure your Creditworthiness is intact before you consider any of the ways below to raise funds for your venture.

Crowdfunding – The First Step to Raising Funds

In case you didn’t know already, crowdfunding helps you raise funds by requesting money from a pool of investors, i.e., a large number of investors. If financial institutions are not what you are going for, crowdfunding may be the way to go. From raising enough funds for your venture to attracting potential investors, crowdfunding may help you in ways you’d never imagined.


Angel Investors

There exist people waiting for the right project to put their money in. They are neither a part of any financial institution nor the run-on-the-mill investor you come across every day. All they demand is a robust project that may have them earn substantial returns while also not putting their investment at stake.

Startup Loans

In most countries, startup loans are granted to entrepreneurs. Governments would set aside a percentage of taxes to grant loans. While this is one of the best routes to hop on, you may also ensure you’re researching vigilantly to avoid any inconveniences. In case it’s a loan you are going for, you may study even the tad-bit of details so that you don’t reap any repercussions in the future.

Bottom line – Friends and Family – If No One Else!

If our friends and family are not coming to our rescue, who else would? In case nothing seems to work for you, you may consider seeking help from the closest of your friends. Chances are they may provide you with enough loans without even asking you to repay them unless you are generating robust cash inflows.



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