Few Inspiring African Safari Ideas


An African safari is one of the best experiences you can have. It’s more than just animals and jungle. Africa also have other fancy places such as safari African restaurants as well as resorts. In this blog we will help you so you can organize it in the best way. What you should know before starting to organize your Safari in Africa. When doing a safari in Africa you will find many options, from the simplest to 5-star hotels that will leave you shocked, but will also impact your pocket. Keep in mind going to Africa requires an additional degree of flexibility and tolerance as many things can happen and if you go on a tour, for example, the schedules may change, people go at a different pace or simply what was scheduled is not known.

When making a safari in Africa we recommend you to carry a very good camera, some animals will not be as close as you would like and if you take the photos with the camera of your cell phone, you will probably not be able to get close enough to take a good photo. Take comfortable clothes that you have chosen for this trip, soft shoes, a cap or hat and of course sunscreen and some mosquito spray.

Changes in climate are very normal in this area of ​​the planet, so we advise you to take several garments so that you can take off or put on as you need. Other extra items that you can take are: binoculars, glasses, cash, prepare a small first-aid kit and a plug adapter, travel insurance. Remember to apply the vaccines that correspond to Africa, which you can find out at the embassy.

Where to go on Safari in Africa?

If you are already thinking of doing a safari in Africa, there are certain destinations such as best African safari resorts for you to take into account when choosing the destination that suits you best.

  • Kruger National Park in South Africa: this is one of the largest in extension, there are different forms of accommodation, from luxury resorts, to simpler accommodations. In this safari place in Africa the visualization of the 5 animals that are most requested by tourists, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo is guaranteed.
  • Serengeti National Park in Tanzania:This park is one of the best known, each year thousands of tourists visit it in search of the Big 5, also because it is the place of passage for animals in migration, so some of the hotels are located on the trails by the that herds of antelopes, gazelles, wildebeests and other large numbers of animals pass by when the drought begins. There you will also find all kinds of accommodation according to your budget, an excellent park for a safari in Africa.
  • Taranguire National Park in Tanzania:  this park is very famous for its large water source that permanently attracts hundreds of species, there you will see elephants, zebras, wildebeests, among others. You can do the tours in 4 × 4 or also some trails on foot under the instructions of the guides.
  • The Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania: This Park is located in northern Tanzania and borders the Serengeti National Park. Live a large population of animals and it is very likely that during the tour you will see leopard lions, elephants, hyenas, rhinos, buffalo, wild boars, flamingos, among many others.

What is the Best Time to do a Safari in Africa?

If you want to save, the best time is April and May, you can reach up to 50% less than compared to the high season. The negative is that it is rainy season, and although they intensify more on the coast, some downpour will touch you.

The best months are between July and August if you go to Kenya, or between October and November if you go to Tanzania, since you will have many possibilities to see the great migration that is a spectacle that nobody wants to miss, yes, you will have to know that prices rise as it is high season. However the animals are always there so if you want to see them, any time of the year is appropriate to enjoy the animals and the landscape that Africa offers.


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