Few Highly Recommended Hotels In Las Vegas


Las Vegas is an artificial city in the middle of the desert, which leaves no one indifferent. You may love it, or maybe the opposite, but the truth is that if you go, you will have to sleep somewhere (even if it is the city that never sleeps) so we are going to make you a selection of few hotels in Las Recommended Vegas that are well placed to visit the city. (For the moment we are going to forget about the practical hotels, like the ones located next to the airport) You have to know that sleeping in Las Vegas, (except luxuries), is not expensive … They prefer to attract people to their hotels but they spend the money in the casino, so good, it’s not a bad strategy, right?

When you go to Las Vegas, you want to stay there normally following one of these 3 criteria:

  1. That it meets all three : Well, pretty and cheap     
  2. I don’t care about the price, what I want is an impressive hotel!     
  3. As I am very freaky, I want to stay in a thematic hotel     

So we are going to try to accommodate the 3 assumptions in this post, and as many Las Vegas hotels are thematic, we will indicate it in each case so that you can unleash your geek illusion (as we did in the New York.


According to several travel blog websites, this hotel is very well priced even if it is a bit old. The carpet is not very recent: I (Here comes the typical “I get a little grimo” emoticon) But hey, it is cheap and relatively well located. Inside there are almost 3400 rooms, 3 swimming pools, almost 10,000 m2 of casino, a circus open 24 hours a day and even an amusement park, so on many websites they recommend it for families with children, yes, be careful that you can find some clown with a little evil pints, and then come the scares! Just kidding

Stratosphere Hotel Casino and Tower

There we stayed one of the last times, and its tower can be seen from anywhere in the city as it is the tallest in Las Vegas. On the 8th floor there is a pool with very cool views, and just above it all, it has a park of that kind of attractions that take away your hiccups.

 Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Attention to geeks of the Middle Ages! Price, similar to the Stratosphere, but relocated almost on the other side of the Strip, so for tastes, geolocations. According to many travel and lifestyle blogs, the grace of this hotel is that it is thematic, it is the recreation of a medieval castle so you will recognize it very easily. The rooms inside are fine and it is a highly recommended option if you are looking for good value for money-location. It has almost 4000 rooms, 2 swimming pools and 9000m2 of casino…

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

As mentioned in many popular travel blogs, its location is great and unbeatable … But it was the first luxury hotel that was built in Las Vegas something like almost 70 years ago, so well, you can imagine that its rooms are not that they are completely renovated … The heaviest of the hotel is that you can find inside a lot of animals “in freedom”, among which are, of course, the flamingos. More than 3500 rooms, most of them not renovated, so be careful if you stay there and you don’t like “the old”.



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