Cool Facts About South Korean Culture


Our master comprehension of South Korea implies we can share a portion of the cooler realities about South Korean culture with you. Find a portion of the more obscure parts of South Korean culture and society.

South Korean men like to show up, and, like this, it is accepted that very nearly a fourth of men use cosmetics as a component of their day by day schedule. Actually, around 20% of the overall male restorative industry is produced by South Koreans.

Since the appearance and looking great are a significant piece of South Korean culture, it will not shock anyone that it’s not just the men who like to show up. South Korean ladies experience the most noteworthy per capita cosmetic processes all around. It is assessed that a fifth of South Korean ladies has embraced at any rate one restorative system.

South Korea utilizes ‘wrongdoing re-sanctioning’ as a method of exhibiting to the open that it is in full control in the examination of violations that have gotten wide open consideration. Wrongdoing re-sanctioning includes accompanying the blamed to the scene in which the wrongdoing occurred and requesting them to re-order what occurred. A mortifying occasion, the charged is shot by the media, and the general population is permitted to spectate. It is something that has pulled in extensive human rights enthusiasm as the people included have frequently yet to be charged. In a culture where ‘face’ is everything, then drop out for the individuals who are along these lines seen as guiltless can be destroying.

The number four is viewed as unfortunate in South Korean culture. Similarly that you won’t discover a medical clinic bed in the UK numbered 13. For instance, you won’t locate the ‘fourth floor’ in South Korea, and houses won’t be numbered ‘4’. Conveyors of blessings in South Korea are likewise improbable to take endowments in squares of four – for example, four red roses. For what reason is it unfortunate? Some cases that it is because it seems like the Chinese word for ‘death’ – In Chinese culture, the number 4 is additionally viewed as unfortunate for similar reasons.

There are loads of different notions, too, in South Korean culture. For instance, it’s proposed that you shouldn’t permit your legs to shake anxiously or your feet to tap about as you are truly shaking off any good karma that may be coming in your direction. It’s additionally accepted that you shouldn’t give your accomplice new shoes as they would utilize them to flee.

For each one of the individuals who love takeaway food, you will surely discover Fact Number 8 extremely cool. Most of the eateries – including those, for example, MacDonald’s, will convey food straightforwardly to your entryway. You don’t have to tidy your trash up a short time later – simply leave it outside your entryway, and the conveyance individual will get it later.


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