Best Diet Hacks for Weight Loss

Best Diet Hacks for Weight Loss

We got the best diet hacks for weight loss for you without crying.

No matter how diet conscious you are, you cannot deny the fact that dieting takes out life out of life.

Eating is fun, and cutting down on your diet is one of the toughest challenges you will ever go through.

Ever wondered how amazing it would be if there was a way you could ditch the aggressive dieting plans and still be able to shed some pounds?

Well, consider yourself lucky, because there are many ways you can do that!

Want to cheat at dieting?

Here is a list of the cleverest and the most effective best diet hacks for weight loss that will help you lose weight!

Greet the Weighing Machine Every Day

It might sound like a joke, but weighing yourself every day may actually make you lose those extra pounds.

It is a good idea to make a habit of greeting the weighing machine regularly as keeping a check on your weight every day really works.

To prove the effect of regularly checking the weight, researchers from the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Nursing and the University of California, initiated a study.

They evaluated 1,042 middle-aged adults for one year.

The result of the study proved that those who regularly checked their weight lost 2% body weight over the period one year.

while the individuals who did not check their weight or checked weight once in a week lost no weight in twelve months.

Thinking about how is that even possible?

Well, when people regularly weigh themselves, they get conscious about what they are eating.

How much are they exercising, and how their activities are affecting their waistline.

The birth of self-awareness is what will help you work harder towards losing weight.

How About You Start Keeping a Food Diary?

Do you like writing a daily diary?

If yes, then it might be a good idea to start writing a food diary as well.

You write your dairy to calm your heart and soothe your soul.

Writing a food diary helps you keep your waistline in check.

It does not matter if you use an app to do so or use a notebook for your food diary; the purpose is that you record every single meal you eat every day.

Maintaining a food dairy boasts numerous weight loss benefits.

By keeping a record of everything you eat and by tracking every meal you had in a day will help you lose as much as six pounds in just three months.

The results of a study, carried out by researchers of Duke University, confirmed the effects of keeping a food diary!

Retire to Sleep Earlier than Usual

A common trend among the generation of today is to stay up till late hours of the night.

Did you know that a significant reason behind weight gain is lack of sleep?

People who eat healthy and sleep for a minimum of seven and a half hours lose twice as much fat as when they sleep for less than five hours.

When you are sleep-deprived, the weight you lose is muscle weight, and when you take a good night’s sleep, the weight loss is all fat.

Reduced sleeping hours result in the production of certain hormones that will make you feel hungry.

These hormones cause the body to store more fat and make you gain weight, which is not what you want!

Replace Your Regular-Sized Plates with the Smaller Ones

It might sound silly, but replacing your regular-sized plates with smaller ones might make you lose some pounds.

It is a bit controversial, but almost fifty studies produced results in favor of this theory.

Having smaller plates on the dinner plate makes you eat in smaller portions, persuade people to eat less!

Start losing some pounds today with these unique weight loss hacks that actually work!

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