Best African Dishes One Must Try


We are going on gastronomic tourism to know the typical African foods that every traveler must try. African gastronomy is quite exotic but at the same time very tasty and healthy since it is usually made with natural products. Popular African dishes has historical influences from the culinary traditions of Arab, North African and European cuisine yet most of the dishes are a combination of own ingredients of the black or African continent.

Africa is a very extensive continent so there is a great variety of local dishes from each region , and for this reason the dishes vary greatly from one region to another, we can find meaty dishes even others that do not use meat, not even derivatives animals like milk because they are areas with many livestock diseases.

Typical recipes from Africa

We go with the most popular dishes of African gastronomy, foods that every traveler should know and try if they visit the African continent:


Along with couscous, Ugali is another of the best African food dishes in Africa, we find ourselves before a meal based on corn which is served in soups and stews. This is a food that can be found practically throughout the African continent, one of the bases of their diet.


Let us now go to the most popular African post, the bambara, one of the most representative desserts in the central regions of Africa. The base of his recipe is rice granola, sugar and peanut butter.


The maafe is one of the dishes most consumed in Africa, especially in western part of the continent. It is usually made with meat, vegetable and peanut stew, served with rice and egg.


Some of the famous Africa dishes comes from its sea. Africa is surrounded by coasts, which is why seafood cannot be missing in its gastronomy, especially in the southern part of the continent where seafood soups and stews are the most representative of the region’s gastronomy.


Matoke or chicken banana stew, very popular especially in Uganda, one of the countries with the best cuisine on the entire continent.


The Couscous is the most typical dish of North Africa, if on your travels visits countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt must try this dish. The base of this meal is wheat semolina and is usually accompanied by olives, saffron, nutmeg, olive oil, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and various typical spices from each area.


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