Benefits of Adding Bonds to Your Portfolio


As an investor, you can’t always put your financial stability at stake. Though investors should have a hint of risk tolerance, portfolio diversification is ideal for investors. Diversification helps you cope with excessive volatility or fight disruption in financial markets. While there exist innumerable ways to expand your portfolio, the benefits of investing in a bond can keep you cherish the outcomes in a broader spectrum.

Generates Income

With bonds, you get to earn a decent earning. Bonds, though, can be low on cash, and chances are other financial markets might attract investors more at times, you still get a fixed stream of income once or twice a year. All in all, the income from bond investments is reliable and provides you benefits in the long run.

Help you Cope with Volatility in Other Financial Markets

Financial markets have an extreme volatility rate. From stock markets to the digital currency that has taken the world by storm, let’s face it, you can’t get returns unless you put all your investments at stake. Comparatively, bond markets are less volatile. Not only do bonds keep your investments secured but also, the less volatility rate helps you cope with the chaos happening in other markets. Simply put, if you are considering investing a substantial amount in cryptocurrency, diversifying portfolio with bonds will help you reap better outcomes. Losses are inevitable in financial markets, but with fixed and reliable streams of cash, you’ll be able to cope with all your losses in a more organized manner.

Leverages on Tax

Financial markets involve tax-burdens. While excessive taxes on every investment keeps investor agitated, bonds are a reliable alternative. Bonds are a debt-instrument and don’t require your tax payments, like in a municipal bond or treasuries in the US. If that’s not all, you even get principal payments at the time of maturity of the bond, i.e., the expiry date of a bond is its maturity date.

A Safe Investment

Not all investments offer a fixed return. Whether it’s a corporate or municipal bond, you get your returns quarterly, once or twice a year. Diversifying your portfolio with bonds will help you even during catastrophic events, i.e., if a corporation doesn’t make timely coupon payments, chances are it might even go bankrupt. Also, the bankruptcy of a company doesn’t put investors at stake, because as a debt instrument, the company will have to repay the investors by selling off their assets.

Bottom Line: If you’re Risk- Averse- Invest in a Bond!

Considering investors put their hard-earned money in financial markets, most of them can be risk-averse. If extreme risk volatility in financial markets troubles you, chances are bond markets will help you cope with it. From providing you cash flows every year to giving you a secure platform for all your investments, bond markets are ideal for risk-averse investors.






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