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  • Become a believed frontrunner– A lot of contributors in Hint Hive are famous for their proficiency in the industry.
  • Influence more viewership – Hint Hive has been working on snowballing its subscribers, with trendy and eye-catchy content.
  • Encourage your hard work – Contributors to Hint Hive habitually publish and quote their incumbent work, i.e., eBooks, thesis, guides, etc.
  • Bag traction – Typically, traffic referral is one of the best adapting sources. Keeping a lively byline on an extremely visited site keeps that traffic smooth.
  • Scrub elbows with the liveliest – Contributors going out of the box with their perceptions and ideas have their shots permanently contained on the revolving contributor’s segment.


Hint Hive is the platform that is now giving writers a chance for free publication and an opportunity to promote their content and their research. We pursue to help every individual who is looking for content visibility tasks through current appreciated leadership, inspiring stories, and pragmatic advice in the course of content marketing.
Here, we are always gazing for fresh writers and associates to couple with our community of top-notch professionals. Sign up today! Let’s give time to promote and share the work.

Potential Audience – We publish 50% for marketing personnel and 40% for strategic consumers, such as marketers.

Interesting Margins – We encourage content writers to focus on the following categories of media:

Gained:  Influencer endorsements, publications, and syndication.
Rewarded:  Sponsorship, PPC (Pay-per-click), and advertisements.
Possessed:  Organization website, blogs, and marketing.
Joint: Content generated via user and social media discussion.

See our swelling roadmap for elaborated examples. .

If you think your blog is capable enough for our publication, hit us an email at with a little introduction about the topic you are eager to write.

  • Eminence Submissions

Your writing shouldn’t be restricted. Here is something to consider the following standards when drafting a blog for us:

Proficiency — You do not have to be a professional to become a contributor to Hint Hive. You must sound rationale in the article.
Uniqueness — Your writing should be around a unique topic; you need to take a new approach. The most excellent way is to be very specific and to trust in your studies, experiences, and observations.
Simplicity — Take as much time as you need to give us an error-free copy of the content. Give your time sincerely on proofreading and editing. According to our editorial standards, we only approve niche content.
Indication — Your topic needs to have adequate information over the subject inked. Hence, spent as much time you can over research to give correct cites.

  • Formatting

Length:  Our editorial board accepts at least 1000 words of the article. If the content is a long form, it can take around 1500 plus words.

Links: The article can have links to outside sources in the article’s body. If your research needs citing, facts, news, or evidence, include it with a link.

The article can have links and mention of your company in the article’s body. You can also cite your e-book, cheat sheets, guides, etc. But over promotional tone will be removed.

Republishing:  Original content can also be published elsewhere after two weeks of article publishing date on You should add a link to the real article on our website at the start or end of the article.

Author Information: Please give your author profile if it’s a debut publish on

  • The email address associated with Gravatar. Please create an account if you haven’t done so far.
  • Profile of Social Media
  • Company Information
  • Submitting Articles for Syndication

The publishing process of retrospect published article is to submit real content.

Email along with a URL of the article and information of author as shared above.