Adulthood- How to Handle the Ups and Downs

Adulthood- How to Handle the Ups and Downs

Adulthood- How to Handle the Ups and Downs

I think everybody has ups and downs in their lives. We learn from the biggest dissatisfaction, right? You learn how to be self-effacing to yourself and to be modest to others”. ~ Carolina Kostner

Some days you are happy and some days you are not. There are days when everything seems to be perfectly syncing together, your life is going as per your plan, and you are enjoying the present moment. And then there are those days when everything is chaos – you are an emotional funk because you just heard bad news or you can’t get things in control; this happens and let me tell you it is pretty normal. We have all been there. But we are not emotions we are humans, and we can control some elements that can have a major impact on the current situation.

We normally forget this, but that’s the reality. Here is some sound advice about how to handle the ups and downs in life.

Free Yourself from a Bad Relationship

Adulthood- How to Handle the Ups and Downs

Sometimes you don’t regret about a decision of the past; sometimes it’s the present which is making you regret. Are you in a relationship which is not good, is it causing you heartache, stress or grief? Is this some person who you love a lot? Well, if this person is someone very close to you and you have done everything to work it out but still, things are bad, then you should pull yourself out of such a relationship. It’s hard to walk away, we know it needs a lot of courage, but you need to think about your long-term happiness. Please clarify here this: A relationship is not only a love relationship; it can be a working relationship too, a bad job that is making you regret your life and hate what you do.

Think About Yourself

Mostly when we think about others and follow their opinions, we end up in a messy situation regretting its consequences, it’s always good to think of yourself, even you make a mistake you don’t regret it that much because you know it was your own decision. Add something like this: If that’s not enough, always remember that people around you will not suffer the consequences of their advice, but you will.

Use Your Energy Sensibly

What is gone is gone; you need to use your energy wisely and focus on it; there is no point in thinking about the past and regretting about it in the future. Use your energy to focus on the positive changes you can bring in your life, think about the things you like to do. For example, if dancing makes you happy to join the dance class and use your energy in learning new skills.

Live In the Present

The best way to live with no regrets is to live in the present and stop thinking about the past. First, you need to know this that lingering in the past will only prevent you from achieving the best in future. Your memories can affect your way of thinking it can have a major impact on how you deal with your relationships and your work productivity.  Remember, to stop thinking about your past you need to counsel yourself and forgive oneself for the things that happened, think in this way that “Somethings were meant to happen and they did, now move on.”

Be You

 Most people regret because they are not who they want to be, either due to lack of decision-making power or because they are living a life for others. You indeed need to think about other people, but, it’s also true that this is your life, the only life you’ll ever have, so you should be yourself and take the decisions which make you happy, after all, it’s YOUR life, not someone else, and you have all the right of being you. So, start right now!

You Are More Important Than Money

 You need to understand this; money is not essential; your happiness and self-satisfaction are more fundamental than any other thing. So, if you are not happy with your job or your boss is too annoying, or your income is low, and it doesn’t fulfil your needs, then dear reader, it’s time for you to go on a job hunt.

Even if you don’t find a reasonable salary, but you love that job then work hard for it as it will provide you with something which money can’t buy and that is SELF-SATISFACTION.

These are ways to deal with Adulthood- How to Handle the Ups and Downs



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