9 Things every foreign student in London should know

9 Things every foreign student in London should know

Here are 9 things every foreign student in London should know

London is one of the favorite destinations to study and live abroad. Young people mostly students find this city particularly attractive for its wide cultural life.

A large number of aspects of everyday life are different from the US, so it is necessary to adapt.

London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, chosen by tourists from all over both for short visits and for study stays or to live indefinitely between its streets and markets.

Its cultural life, its history, its monuments and the excellent opportunities it offers in terms of training make this city one of the favorite destinations for young people. This choice occurs both when selecting a destination to study abroad, and when looking for a work experience outside the country.

Although the movement of the city may be similar to that of the Spanish cities, the truth is that moving to London implies a real change in lifestyle.

In addition to the fact that you must drive on the left, that London dinner would be something like your snack, and that you have to remember all the streets and directions of the city; you will need to know some essential tips if you are moving to London. Therefore, we point out what are the 9 basic things that will facilitate your life in the city of palaces:

1- You will need an Oyster Card

With this card you can use public transport in the city and save a lot of money, avoiding charges for currency exchange.

2- Meter size

The London Underground is one of the largest in the world, as it has more than 270 stations. It can take you anywhere in the city.

3- The ideal neighborhood

Golders Green, northwest London, is chosen as one of the quietest neighborhoods to live. This is ideal for foreigners and newcomers.

4- Not always on the left

Cars can go right on some streets in London, for example on Savoy Court Street.

5- Messages on the flags

The flags used in Buckingham Palace serve to indicate when the Queen is in the residence or when she is not there.

6- You will need an A to Z

The A to Z map of London indicates all the unmissable tourist places, it can be purchased upon arrival but also downloaded and used in its mobile version.

7- Mystery in Bethnal Green

London’s transport stations are famous for their ghost appearances and mystical events, but Bethnal Green is undoubtedly the darkest.

8- You have to leave on Thursdays

The days of revelry are Thursdays, not Fridays or Saturdays that are for reuniting with the family. The most successful clubs and restaurants open on Thursdays.

9- Prices per week

When booking a shared flat, it is usual for the price to be indicated per week and not per month, so it is necessary to ask before making an agreement.

Now you know 9 Things every foreign student in London should know

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