15 Personal Finance Hacks 2019


Finances are an important part of life; take them well, and you will live calm and baggy, carry them badly, and you will spend your days stretching from all sides and worried about making the accounts come out at the end of the month. That is why it is important to be informed and make good decisions. To help you with that, we have here twenty tips and tricks that will help you improve and boost your finances.

Use cash.

It is the best way to stay debt free. Try to always use cash for all your purchases. Or use the card but only on things for which you have enough cash to pay the entire balance at the end of the month.

Make weekly automatic savings.

Choose a fixed amount to save, and try to automatically transfer your payment to your account and save each month. That way you won’t have to think about it much, and you probably won’t notice if it is or isn’t.

Stay at home.

If you create or find your own entertainment or food at home, you will save on gas and unnecessary expenses.

Do not have mail order catalogs, or store catalogs.

Yes, of those selling shoes or any other nonsense. They are just temptations of things you don’t need.

Save a “30 day” list.

Every time you want to buy something you don’t need, put it on the list, and after 30 days, think again if you really need it. Most likely it was a passing thing.

Kitchen at home.

It may seem heavy, but it is only a matter of spending a couple of hours on the weekend to plan and buy what you need, and you can save significantly.


Do you know how much is spent on diabetes? Or overweight problems? If you exercise, you are saving on unnecessary future expenses.

Use the envelope system.

You only have to make envelopes for every need you have (income, water, electricity, food, etc.) and put the budgeted money there. This is how you will know when the money for each category is over.

Talk to your partner every week.

It is important that you both agree on how household finances will be managed. Agree on financial goals between the two, and dedicate “free” money to everyone. This way they will keep their financial freedom without unbalancing the household budget.

Use home finance management software and programs.

There are programs that will work wonders with your financial information. And it doesn’t have to be something as elaborate as Quicken or MS Money, a simple Google Docs database can be enough to record your expenses and be backed up in the cloud.

Deposit debts and savings first.

This way you will avoid running out of money for important things while making your budget. First thing’s first.

Exercise at home.

You can save the cost of gym or sports club membership if you decide to exercise at home or in a nearby park. The streets are free to run.

Remove pay TV.

You will save a lot of money if you get rid of something that, apart from making you spend, takes away time that you could use in more productive things. Better download your favorite shows.

Get rid of unnecessary things.

In addition to simplifying your life, it will be more difficult to buy things that will only pile back into your home and if that were not enough, then you can sell everything you no longer want and earn some money.

Lend and ask.

Give something you don’t need to family and friends. Maybe the day you need something, someone has it available for you to use, or you can even give it away.


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