10 Essential Best Greek Cuisine Classics


When the weather is good, fresh things are always fancy and the Greek summer adds a touch of color to the dishes. If you are heading to Greek lands this summer, take note of these 10 classics of typical Greek food. Like other Mediterranean gastronomies, Greek cuisine is known internationally for its great nutritional value. It is based on a culture where the values ​​of sharing, coexistence and hospitality are the order of the day. Greek cuisine is, therefore, a generous and colorful cuisine where tasty vegetables, aromatic herbs, dressings with good olive oil (an element of Turkish cuisine that shows the influence of the Ottomans) and a splash of lemon are not lacking. From Athens to Thessaloniki, passing through Mykonos, discover 10 essential dishes of Greek cuisine.


Mezes ( mezedes , in Greek) are a symbol of the culture of sharing so typical of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in general. They are a series of dishes that can be served in tapas format as starters, or as a main course; In any case, it is normal to be able to share them with the rest of the guests and accompanied by a good glass of ouzo, an aniseed liquor that is served cold. There are countless Greek mezes, but here are some of the ones you should try.

1. Horiatiki

It is probably the best known Greek salad and the one that is never missing from the table. Although consumed in many corners of the world, it is in Greece where the flavors are most authentic: sun-grown tomatoes and peppers, local feta cheese, black olives, onion, fresh and juicy cucumber and traditional aromatic herbs. When there is nothing left on the plate, you can slice the dressing with bread. In Greece they call it papara.

2. Tzaziki

This yogurt sauce, lemon juice and dill is a vice. You can try it as an entree or as a side dish to many main dishes. Spread on pita bread fresh out of the oven is a luxury.

3. Spanakópita

This kind of puff pastry pie with spinach and feta cheese is a perfect dish for vegetarian travelers; well, and for non-vegetarians too. It is a good choice of food to take away and enjoy on the beach or on board a boat in the middle of the sea.

4. Dolmadakia

Summer is the best time to travel to Greece if you want to try seasonal gastronomic delights such as dolmadakia , stuffed grape leaves. If they are fresh, it is best to eat them hot; and cold only if canned purchases during the rest of the year.


5. Musaka

Musaka is surely the best known Greek dish in the world, a tasty gratin of minced meat and eggplant with tomato sauce and bechamel.

6. Souvlaki

They are skewers of veal, pork or chicken that are served on the plate or in pita bread and are accompanied by vegetables, tzaziki and even french fries for a quick and complete meal.

7. Gyros (with pita bread)

You can find this typical Greek sandwich anywhere in the country, both on the mainland and on the islands. At about € 2 per unit, the price-quality is unbeatable, as is the souvlaki . What else can you ask for an explosion of flavors that leaves your stomach full and satisfied?


8. Baklava

Let’s now turn to desserts. The gastronomy that perhaps has more influences on the Greek is the Ottoman. You can try baklavas in patisseries, not only Greek, but also from many other countries in this area of ​​the world.

9. Loukoumades

They are small round and fried fritters, usually coated with honey and cinnamon. They say they were offered to the winners of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.


10. Retsina

Retsina is a white (or rosé) wine that has been produced for more than two thousand years and to which pine resin is added during the fermentation process, hence its name. The resin is removed just before bottling it, but it gives it a special and unmistakable flavor.


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